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This is a PTE(Play-to-earn) game where users can drive a star racing car and destroy enemies while earning money for winning. And in case of defeat (if your Racing Car is destroyed), your NFT burns out. This is an interstellar racing competition. So take part, get huge rewards and destroy your enemies!
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- P2E CosmoRace Game Development - Mint Events: from 22th of April to 16th of March - Listing on SolSea and Magic Eden - Releasing of Game Design & Game Interface - P2E Game Internal Testing


- P2E CosmoRace Game Alpha version release - Adding & Testing Battle Mode - Adding & Testing PVP Mode - Game Bug Fixing & Updates - Smart Contract Development - NFT burning implementation in SmartContract - NFT burning implementation in Game - Game BETA testing


- P2E Game SmartContract release - CosmoRace token ICO - P2E CosmoRace Game Launch


- Leaderboard - Adding new maps in Game - Adding more weapons - Adding an ability to create Clans in Game - Awesome Merch for our CosmoRace family

AstroNFT features

Burning NFTs

If you lose and your machine is destroyed, your token will be burned, so so their value will grow by reducing their quantity.

Personal token

Each player has their own non-fungible token that they can use.

Visually Attractive

We have been working for a long time to make the game interesting, outwardly attractive and colorful.

Strong development team

Thanks to the thoughtful code, there will be no interruptions and problems in the game, the entire game path will be error-free.

Our characters

John made a huge number of flights to other planets in races.

He was one of the most famous astronauts in his country, but accidentally caught a virus dangerous to humans on one of the planets, after which he mutated into zombies. He has a long way to go to return to human form.

But can he do it?


After unimaginable losses among his warriors, the leader of the monkeys, Caesar, begins a personal struggle with dark instincts and is going to avenge his entire species.

He is an anthropoid and wants to be on an equal footing with people, so he goes into space to race to prove that monkeys are also smart and strong and should rule on this planet.


Lem made a mistake with the wormhole and now he got into our universe. Now he chooses a person in whom he moves.

Aliens want to take over this world by accidentally getting into space to race.

Will humanity be able to resist them?


Robbo will be the first artificial intelligence to fly into space to race. Its main task is to carry out research work to create a base and further develop an onboard intelligent computer system.


The exploration of outer space and the race could not do without the participation of women, without their flights into space.

This is Lin and she is a technical engineer from the USA, ready to conquer space and open up new horizons of our universe.


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    Our team

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    UI designer

    The entire visual of our game was created and carefully thought out by the UI designer.

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    Social media specialist

    Where without the distribution of the game in social networks! All this thanks to our social media specialist.

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    Blockchain developer

    Well, in order for the game to be smooth and error-free, our blockchain developer tried to give his best!


    • What is CosmoRace?
      CosmoRace is an ambitious P2E game where users can drive a star racing car and destroy enemies while earning money for winning. In case of defeat (if your Racing Car is destroyed), your NFT burns out forever. This is an interstellar racing competition. Get Rewards in Crypto for every race and get special bonuses in while on Top of Leaderboard.
    • When Is The Mint?
      We decided to divide 10K collection mint into 6 sales: 1st - on 22nd of April - 100 NFTs, 2nd - on 26th of April - 200 NFTs, 3rd - on 31st of April - 500 NFTs, 4th - on 5th of March - 750 NFTs, 5th - on 12th of March - 1000 NFTs, 6th - on 16th of March - 2000 NFTs
    • What is the mint price?
      We have Several Mint Events, and the price for each is different: 1st - 0.5 SOL, 2nd - 0.6 SOL, 3rd - 0.75 SOL, 4th - 0.9 SOL, 5th - 1 SOL, 6th - 1.5 SOL
    • How to Mint CosmoRace NFT?
      You can mint the CosmoRace NFT on our website cosmorace.io on the pre-launch and the launch minting event. Just connect your Solana wallet through the “Connect Wallet” button and mint the NFTs.
    • On What Marketplaces would be CosmoRace NFT Listed?
      Yes, on MagicEden and SolSea.
    • How to Earn with CosmoRace NFT?
      Win the races, Gather the points and Get exclusive rewards.
    • Why are we so exclusive?
      We have developed an innovative technology that will burn your NFT out forever in case you lose in the battle (in game). So this will make the collection price increase.